Lutheran Church of Elmont

Dear Friends in Christ:

Here we are at mid-Summer.  We are looking forward to our barbecue on July 14 at 4pm.  At the end of July,  Life Line Screening will be here for one day of health testing. We are looking forward to Rally Week in August. And then, September 9, it is Rally Day already, and our Fall Programming kicks into gear.

Worship continues every week. Unlike most congregations, we do not anticipate taking a hit in attendance this July. While it is not true that we are all on vacation all the time, our members do their vacationing and traveling throughout the year. At the end of August at the latest, we will move back to an organ driven liturgy. For the rest of the Summer we will have Gospel texts which present various aspects of the Kingdom of God. It is mysterious, spiritual, and hidden until it busts out into the open with a dramatic action such as a healing, a repentance, a quickening, a cleansing, a restoration, and the giving of a future which was lost. In more modern terms, miraculous healings do not happen—until they do. The demons of addiction are never cast out—until they are. Some people can never be forgiven—until you forgive them. These are important texts, because they challenge us to live under God’s reign despite the steady encroachments of the powers of this world upon our lives and thinking. Put in other terms, if Jesus is King, then I must withhold my primary loyalty from party, ideology, administration, opposition, sports teams, activities, and all the ad hoc arrangements human beings come up with under the influence of the world, the devil, and the sinful flesh. It is not that all these arrangements are not good—some of them are. It is that they are not God. They are not ultimate. They are not final. They are not where the curve of life is heading. What is ultimate and final and at the end of the curve is the Kingdom of God. That is why we pray on a daily basis: Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth.

Yours in Christ,

John Shepherd McKenzie